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Monthly meetings
On the first Monday of every month the monthly meeting of the Union Parishad is held in the auditorium of the Parishad under the chairmanship of the Chairman.
UBCF's Union Parishad and Government Office / Agency / People's Coordinating Committee meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month in the Parishad auditorium under the chairmanship of the Chairman.
Date / Bar
10-12 in the morning
07 Keroya Union Parishad monthly meeting.
10-12 in the morning
UBCF Coordination Committee Meeting
Project objectives, estimated costs at the project creation stage.
Project implementation.
Like about future precautions and necessary corrections during project evaluation.
Served as Secretary, Member-Secretary in the VGD Committee of the Union Parishad.
Distribute relief to some poor people by looking at the list of tax books of the Union Parishad.
Record the discussions, proposals or agenda of the various meetings of the Works Program and comments on the agenda.
Preserves documents for formulation, implementation and evaluation of various programs.
He formulates policies, collects information, implements programs.