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Services provided by Upazila Land Office, Laxmipur: (Citizen's Charter)
Rules for Mutation (Name Issued) Deposit Sharing and Deposit Consolidation:
* Application for mutation has to be submitted along with Assistant Commissioner (Land).
* The following documents have to be submitted along with the application for mutation:
v In case of purchase: copy of purchase and necessary fear v deed.
v In case of death: Certificate of Inheritance.
v In case of service or donation: Copy of Heba deed.
v Certified copy of all records / leaflets / ledgers.
* Mutation costs:
1) Application court fee = Rs. 10.00 / -
2) Notice issuance fee = Rs. 2.00 / -.
3) Record correction fee = Rs. 200.00 / -.
4) Ledger fee = 43
* How many days will the mutation process be completed:
            If there is no dispute over ownership, the activities will be completed within 45 (forty five) days from the date of receipt of application.
Note: If the mutation case is not disposed of within 45 (forty five) days from the date of submission of application and any one demands additional fee of the mentioned cost, Assistant Commissioner (Land) / Upazila Executive Officer / Revenue Deputy Collector / Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) or District Contact the administrator.
* Officer's Designation: Phone No. Fax
1) Deputy Commissioner 0175701
2) Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) 01788577704
3) Upazila Nirbahi Officer 01788577711
4) Revenue Deputy Collector 01788577707
Assistant Commissioner (Land) 01788577716/01969296269
The notable function of the Upazila Land Office is to manage land and maintain records. Other responsibilities are:
v Record breaking through naming and deposit litigation.
v Record correction.
v Khas land management.
v Khas land management.
v vested property management.
v Management also preserves the information of Sairat Mahal.
v Preparation and transmission of civil litigation information statement.
v Collection of land development tax.
v To conduct rent certificate litigation.
v Guchhgram and Adarsh ​​Gram project implementation activities.
v Implementation of housing and shelter projects.
v Miss litigation.
v Provision of agricultural khas land settlement among the landless.
v Provision of non-agricultural khas land settlement.
v Supervise and conduct survey work.
v Management of unclaimed (la-warish) property
v Siksti-Payasti land management
v Assist in resolving LA cases.
v To change the class of land.
v Hat-bazaar management.
v Correction of records as per court order.
vPO-96, 98,95
v Forcible occupation / eviction of abandoned land
v Preservation of government plants / Preservation of old goods
Kanungo, Surveyors, Office Assistants, Summons Issuers, Chainmen and MLSSs under the Assistant Commissioner Land are responsible for the proper management and implementation of the above activities and co-operate with him in general.
Subordinate Offices: Usually there is one Union Land Office in each Union. There is also a land office in more than one union. However, City Corporation or other special cases may have more than one office. Union Land Assistant Officer is in charge of all these offices. One or more Union Land Sub-Assistant Officers assisted him overall.
The responsibilities of the Union Land Assistant Officers are as follows:
v Determination and collection of land development tax
v Preservation of khas land details.
v On-the-spot investigation of the name formation case.
v Realization of various claims.
v Preservation of mouza map.
v Collection of tolls and khas of hat-bazar and jalmahal (on-the-spot investigation and supervision).
v Prepare information of civil litigation and testify in court.
v Maintaining possession of land in the public interest (identifying illegal occupants, sending proposals for eviction and assisting in eviction work).
v Preservation of Siksti-Payasti land details.
v Land class update.
v Collection of use based land development tax.
v Identification of land outside ceiling in accordance with PO 96/72, PO 10/84.
v Certificate Litigation Claim / Certificate Litigation Proposal.
v Investigation report in the context of various applications.
v Inspection and supervision of housing / shelter / cluster village / ideal village and informing the higher authorities.
v Sending proposals for investigation and settlement of agricultural and non-agricultural khas lands.
v Correction of records as per court order.
v S, A, sending proposal for preservation of property included in the case / exclusion of unused property.
v Correction of records through naming and deposit litigation.
v Preservation of records of government and owned property.
v Assisting in recording government property in survey work.
v Maintenance of vested and abandoned property.
v Conservation of government plants.
v Sending proposals for identification and exclusion of unclaimed (La-Irish) property.
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